Mercury Fillings In Dental Treatments: What You Need To Know

When a patient gets a cavity, it’s important to seal that opening with the help of special materials that will help prevent infection, pain, and the eventual loss of the tooth. The mouth is a very unique environment, though: it’s constantly moist, there’s a lot of motion, and bacteria accumulates pretty quickly. The material of choice, therefore, needs to be very resilient.

Discover Holistic Dentistry: Dr. Joel Singer Answers Your Questions

At Singer Dentistry of Fort Lee, NJ, we are often asked why Dr. Joel Singer chose to follow the path of holistic dentistry and what the difference is between holistic and conventional dental methods. With a passion and commitment to holistic dental techniques, he enjoys educating his patients on the subject. Here is Dr. Joel Singer to better explain his background and the benefits of holistic dentistry: