Can You Believe It’s Been 30 Years?!

March is a very special month for my practice because it’s the 30th anniversary of my Fort Lee dental practice. I’ve had many long-term relationships with my patients over the years, and I am so thankful for each and every patient that I have met and treated since March 23, 1993. I take great pride in how my practice has grown tremendously over the past 30 years. Continue reading to learn more about my journey over the past 30 years and how much I appreciate patients like you.

Why Choose A Holistic Dentist?

At Joel D. Singer, DMD, we provide dental care with a focus on your overall health and well-being. We are unlike other dental practices in that we don’t treat your mouth as separate from your body. We understand that the mouth and the body are connected, and, in many ways, what is happening in your mouth relates to what is occurring in your body and vice versa. Dr. Singer still performs many of the same dental treatments you might find in other offices, but his approach may vary from what you have seen previously.

Frequent Questions About Holistic Dentistry Answered

Are you interested in taking a more natural approach to different aspects of your life? Over the past few years, there has been an influx of companies and products that follow a more natural, or holistic approach. After the circumstances of the past year, many adults have been re-evaluating their medical care, and that includes the care of their oral health. Joel D. Singer, DMD practices an alternative approach to dentistry that recognizes the connection between your overall health and the health of your teeth and gums. Our practice believes in using safe, non-toxic materials and state-of-the art technology to support your oral health. We wanted to answer some of the most popular questions we are asked about how we mesh standard dentistry with holistic approaches.

Learn About A Safe Alternative To Other Dental Treatments

Do you desire a more natural form of dentistry that focuses on your overall health and well-being? At our office, our experienced dental team is committed to improving your dental and overall health. With that in mind, there are times when bacteria creeps in, and you are in need of treatments to cure harmful dental issues. Continue reading to learn about a safe alternative to other dental treatments used to combat these conditions.

Ozone Therapy

When you hear the word ozone, you might think of the ozone layer in the atmosphere. It is made up of a naturally-occurring gas that protects us from harmful sun rays that can cause cancer. Due to its sterilization properties, here on land, cities across the world have used ozone to sterilize their public water systems and the European medical community has been using it for decades to heal wounds faster. We use it as part of our holistic dentistry practice to sterilize and heal, as well.

Get To Know Us

Peaceful, painless, professional. Those words may not typically come to mind when describing a dental practice, but at Dr. Joel Singer’s practice in Fort Lee, NJ, that is the kind of feedback we hear from our patients. Known for our cosmetic dental services, holistic dentistry, and dental sedation options, we love to learn what our patients experience about our practice from their perspective. Would you like to hear exactly what patients think of us? Watch this video to find out: