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Satisfied Patient
Satisfied Patient
Satisfied Patient

Doctor Singer really cares

I definitely believe his every word. Dr. Singer had empathy for me, why should I lose teeth because of method. I know I must be more careful with what I have left. Dr. Singer seemed to like being some what creative. It appears he is sensitive to differences in his patients. Their personality their needs and idiosyncrasies, and he considers those things as the music plays, to make us comfortable as the character we choose. When he can Composite or be extra creative he does. His goal is still “to do no harm,” and I did exit with the smile I always liked.

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Alex P.
Amazing staff. Would recommend to anyone who is usually nervous about the dentist. Staff is friendly, kind and knowledgeable. Everyone makes you feel very comfortable and feels like a family visit than it does a doctor visit. My kids also enjoy their time here as well so you know this place is awesome! I always look forward to my next visit.
James Dolan
Very professional
Marie Marie
Best cleaning ever! Dr. Singer, and his entire staff are all very patient, understanding empathetic, knowledgeable, experienced, and professional.
Deyona Mcgriff (Aloe Rose)
Legit best dentist practice I’ve been too. Super caring beautiful office amazing staff from front to back. Lilly gave me the best deep teeth cleaning health screening I’ve ever experienced. All the drs are super sweet smart gentle and thorough. I love how they use ozone water to rinse mouth & just everything about this dentistry.
Margie Gandolfi
Dr Singer is very accessible and provides Excellent care. His entire staff is responsive and caring.
Brooke Risch
The kind of experience that restores your faith in humanity. After being treated like a number on a chart for so many years dealing with chronic health issues, this office was truly a breath of fresh air. From scheduling the appointment, to a touching conversation with the dental assistant, to literally laughing with the dentist, Dr. Entrup, while having my mouth examined. I felt at ease and empowered for the entire appointment and I genuinely look forward to returning to this office for my oral care for years to come - oh, and I live 2 hours away!
Goretti Cunha
Take it from someone who is deathly afraid of the dentist...this office puts you at ease and takes your anxiety into account. Would never go anywhere else. If your fear is anything like mine...give them a shot...you'll be happy you did!
Michael Stein
I accompanied my wife during her 1st visit to Dr. Singer and was impressed by his concern and the friendliness of his staff!!
tommy yuen
Had an appointment with Dr. Bradley filling in for Dr. Singer. Dr. Bradley was very competent, gentle just like Dr. Singer. Highly recommended.
Pilly City
Office is clean. Staff is friendly. The hygienist has very light hands. I didn’t feel anything. Dr. Bradley Entrup is friendly and very thorough explaining my X-rays. Highly recommend.
Kimberly D
I have been a patient of Dr. Singer's for over ten years. I had developed a slight phobia of going to the dentist after not going to the dentist for 7 or 8 years (I was too busy with my young kids). I think I just happened to come across Dr. Singer's name on-line and it described him as a dentist who worked well with patients who were fearful of going to the dentist. I got up the courage to make an appointment with him and get a long-overdue cleaning and exam. It took just the initial consultation with Dr. Singer and his staff to put me totally at ease. Everyone was so nice and understanding. I chose to be sedated for my first exam and cleaning--and everything went well. I chose to make Dr. Singer my regular dentist and have not had any regrets since then. (I am now able to go in for my regular cleanings without being sedated or even having nitrous oxide because of how at-ease I feel with Dr. Singer and his staff.) A couple years after that initial exam, I had an accident where I tripped and hit my front teeth on a metal doorframe at my children's school. I basically "killed" my top two front teeth. I had no idea that Dr. Singer's skills as a cosmetic dentist would help me so much. I ended up having to have a root canal, veneers and a cap (or a crown). While it was not the most fun experience to go through, Dr. Singer and his staff did an incredible job. I never really appreciated my teeth until after that accident--and I am very thankful for Dr. Singer's talents as a cosmetic dentist. Over the years, I have had many people tell me after I have told them about my accident and my front teeth not being real, that they would have never guessed otherwise!I continue to see Dr. Singer today and would highly recommend him to anyone. It is not easy to find such a caring and patient dentist who explains everything thoroughly. and also has such a gentle touch. I recently relocated to NYC and make the trek back to NJ to see Dr. Singer because of the great job he does (his dental hygienists have all been great too!). Yes, it would be easier for me to find a dentist in NYC, but I doubt I could find a dentist as good as Dr. Singer. Also, Dr. Singer's staff is caring, patient and professional and that has also made a huge difference to me.
virginia selver
To: Dr.Singer. Thank you for each time I received a good hourwith one cleaning of my teeth. I hope to continue as youroffice is very cooperative with your clients.Virginia Selver
Gioconda Segarra
Dr. Singer has been my dentist for over 10 years. Him and his staff are both warm and extremely professional; they always show they care. The work they deliver is exceptional.
Donna Morgello
Very pleasant, talented dentist. Has been mine for over a decade!
Mona C
Dr. singer is very professional, has excellent experience in all procedures and explains everything in detail as he proceeds forward and makes you feel very relaxed at all times during your visit. The staff is wonderful and always a pleasure to speak to and very accommodating with scheduling appointmentsMona C
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