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Satisfied Patient
Satisfied Patient
Satisfied Patient

Doctor Singer really cares

I definitely believe his every word. Dr. Singer had empathy for me, why should I lose teeth because of method. I know I must be more careful with what I have left. Dr. Singer seemed to like being some what creative. It appears he is sensitive to differences in his patients. Their personality their needs and idiosyncrasies, and he considers those things as the music plays, to make us comfortable as the character we choose. When he can Composite or be extra creative he does. His goal is still “to do no harm,” and I did exit with the smile I always liked.

Bob H and the Admiration Society

While it is not always easy to provide compassionate care to someone, I suspect that Dr. Odinsky is the type of person who will be successful, in most cases, because based on my experience, yesterday I not only felt satisfied from his words, but was assured by his actions. Today, the feeling I have in my mouth is as I requested and is more. The forces of the teeth in a row seem to be distributed as best they can be, while they were before his "hands on," were greatly in need of his kind of attention. Thank You so much Dr. Odinsky.

Bob Haveson Looking for a better World.

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rose sheehan
There is no other place I would go to for my dental work and cleanings.The office staff is warm and professional!
Michael Tzoumas
A successful and strategic first session!
Donna Schwartz
I want to thank Dr. Singer for all the excellent care he has given me.Dr.Odinsky and Laurie made me feel comfortable and took wonderful care of my dental work today. Thank you.
Very pleasant experience ! Dr. Bradley and his staff are awesome and do a great job of making sure you’re comfortable at all times and are very knowledgeable. Highly recommend !
Rita Raftery
The entire staff truly cares about their patients. Each and every one of them. Dr. Entrup is remarkably understanding, caring and very highly skilled. This practice is unbeatable!
Kate Schwarz
Another great visit to Dr. Singers office. Pleasant helpful staff and great dental care.
Jaxx Shu
Everyone from front desk to Dr Singer to dental hygenist is top notch. Seamlessly removed mercury fillings here. Thank you!!
Randi Herrick
Friendly, courteous, professional, clean...
• Anna •
Everyone at the office is so lovely and friendly!!
Marge Teilhaber
After hearing three friends rave about Joel Singer, a lower right toothache got the ball rolling, and the X-rays that he took quickly revealed the problem. 2 cavities after being a fanatic with my nightly routine! 2 crowns! Root canal on the wisdom tooth! He sent the X-ray to one endo who declined, and the second endo said he can do it. That doctor (the endo) also gets excellent google reviews. A third tooth that I forget what's being done. A cleaning of course. A discount for paying in full upfront. The next day I met Lily who gave me the best cleaning I've ever had. She knows her stuff and is able to chat while working hard. A fun time talking movies while she did her thing so competently. Dr. Singer stopped in to give Lily a little synopsis of the work I'll have done. I believe in saving teeth and have never had an extraction. I'm delighted that he practices holistic dentistry. So far so [very very] good.UPDATED 2-8-22: Yesterday was a 2-hour visit for a cavity and temporary crown for my lower right wisdom tooth. Not easy for the patient or dentist being all the way in the back but he did great as evidenced by no pain after Novocain wore off last night and no discomfort on day 1 after the procedure. Very nice touch is that Dr. Joel Singer called me last night to see how I was doing. I go back tomorrow for I think the same thing on a tooth that's 2 or 3 away from the wisdom. It'll be a lot easier, and I have complete faith in Joel Singer, DMD.UPDATED 6-16-22: Yesterday I had a cleaning with Julie. Lilly was on vacation. She did an excellent job. Next cleaning appointment is Dec. 20. I'm very pleased.UPDATED 12-20-22 Cleaning today with the fabulous Lilly plus a bitewing set of four X-rays, after which Joel Singer DMD noticed on the films and exam the beginning of a cavity and that that tooth needed a crown for reasons that I can't remember what he said. I trust him and will take his advice and possibly avoid a potential root canal and/or a worsened condition in my upper R side. January 4 for that work and June 20 for the next cleaning. Once again, a very pleasant visit at my dentist's office.UPDATED ON 6-22-23: My June 20, 2023 cleaning with Lilly was fantastic. She does a terrific job and really knows her stuff. Joel Singer wasn't working that day, so Brad Entrup, DDS, who's now working with Joel Singer, came in for a not-so-brief examination. I was glad to meet him and was impressed. I remain completed delighted that Joel Singer DDS is my dentist.UPDATED ON 12-20-23: Had a thorough cleaning with Lilly today. I continue to be impressed with her skills. Brad Entrup did an exam, and alas, I need two teeth attended to, one with a cavity (I think) and crown and the other with a cavity. Oh, well, what can you do but get the work done. Can't be skimping on teeth!UPDATED ON 1-24-24: Had a 1pm appointment for tooth 13 that has a cavity under a filling (ugh), so instead of trying to access the cavity, it's best to say good-bye to part of the tooth and get a crown. 1.5 hours in the chair while Brad Entrup, DDS and dental assistant Kelly did their thing. I now have a very comfortable temporary crown in there and will be very careful to not floss on either side of the tooth and avoid the water pik on that tooth, too. Back on 2-24-24 for the permanent crown and a small cavity on another tooth. I'M EXTREMELY HAPPY WITH BRAD ENTRUP DDS AND KELLY.
Carol Zac. Yang
Everyone was so nice. This was my first visit. Everything was explained to me very thoroughly and I could see that everyone in this office seems like they are all part of a small family.
Marcos Vertuoso
Atendimento perfeito!!!! Me senti muito seguro e confortável com o serviço prestado.
Marie Costello
Awesome office! Only wish I found this dentist office sooner! Staff is so friendly and caring!
James DeSopo
Dr. Singer and Dr. Entrup and their staff clearly explain procedures and offer the best care found in dentistry. The appointment was on time, thorough and professional.
Jennifer Dolan
The whole staff and dentist is very friendly and knowledgeable! Happy to find out they take kids also, will bring my daughter next time with me. I’ve been looking for a holistic dentist for her . Now I’ve found one for both of us.
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