At Dr. Joel Singer DMD, we practice an alternative approach to dentistry where we recognize the connection between the health of your teeth and gums with your overall health. This includes the use of safe, non-toxic restorative materials and technology, the prevention and elimination or infections, and support of your overall well-being. 

While we do practice standard dentistry, we include holistic measures as an added benefit to patients.  Here are 7 questions you should always ask your holistic dentist:

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    Is your office mercury-free/mercury-safe?

    Most offices claim to be “mercury-free” because they no longer place Amalgam(silver-mercury fillings). A Mercury-Safe practice will have specfic protocols and techniques to protect you, while safely treating teeth that have mercury fillings present.

    Our office is Mercury-Safe and has been for about 20 years!

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    Is the doctor part of the IAOMT?

    The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology is a global non-profit network of dentists, health professionals, and scientists who research the biocompatibility of dental products, including the risks of mercury fillings, fluoride, root canals, and jawbone osteonecrosis.
    Dr. Joel Singer is an Accredited long-term member of the IAOMT having passed both a written and oral board examination with the IAOMT credentialing committee.

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    Is your office SMART certified?

    SMART is the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique as described and regulation by the IAOMT. Our office has been practicing safe mercury amalgam removal as per IAOMT recommendations for 20 years, even before they began SMART certification.

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    Does the office use digital x-rays?

    Digital dental x-rays use up to 90% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. We have invested in this technology for the many benefits it offers, most importantly your health and safety. Dental x-rays are used to evaluate teeth for cavities, to verify the fit of fillings and crowns, to rule out cysts and tumors and more. Digital x-rays give us immediate, high quality images that are easily stored and shared and offer benefits that greatly outweigh the minimal risk as compared to the x-rays we were taking just several years ago.

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    Do you use biocompatible materials?

    Yes, the materials we’ve chosen to use in our office are free of heavy metals, BPA-free and non-toxic. Biocompatibility testing via blood test is an option for those with unusual allergies or sensitivities.

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    Does this office offer Ozone?

    Ozone is “super-charged” oxygen. It is non-toxic, yet it kills pathogens (bacteria, viruses, mold…) much more effectively than bleach, and safely with no toxic by-products. It is produced in our office using specific medical grade equipment and medical oxygen. It is prepared as ozonized water, ozone gas and ozone infused oils. We use it in our office for many procedures including periodontal (gum) disease tratement, disinfecting cavities and root canal treatment, in all the water used in treatment and more.

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    Does your office provide root canal treatment?

    Endodontic, or root canal theory is somewhat controversial in Holistic Dentistry. When the nerve inside a tooth is damaged due to deep cavity or trauma, then, a decision has to be made whether to treat and keep the tooth, or extract the tooth. Some teeth should not be kept; some infected teeth will never heal properly, and some patients should probably not have a root canal treatment. Every patient and every situation is different, and Dr. Joel Singer will offer the guidance you need to make the best decision for you. When we choose to do root canal therapy we use ozone water and gas to disinfect the tooth as well as sealing the tooth with biocompatible root canal fillers.

patient testimonials


Dr. Singer is the best. Point blank. I have significant anxiety surrounding the dentist, and he has always made me feel at ease. It’s the little things, from the way they speak to you on the phone like you’re a person and they’re not reading off a script, to the fact that they know you by name when you walk in the door, to the phone call after to make sure you’re doing OK. He and his staff are amazing.
Jessica Gittleman
12:42 13 May 21
Great experience. Knowledge, courteous, patient staff!
Joanna Wg
01:56 04 May 21
Amazing experience, high quality, super friendly, courteous, kind and caring. Due to Covid years I had not had the opportunity to go to my dentist in Pittsburgh. My wife and I moved to Fort Lee to be close to our daughters. I was extremely stressed to find a new dentist who would be able to help me out. Dr. Singer, Laurie and their team are exceptional, top notch professionals. Thank you for your wonderful service.
Razi Imam
14:45 21 Apr 21
I absolutely love Dr. Singer and his office stuff. The moment you walk in to the office they make you feel comfortable and welcomed. Office is super clean. Dr. Singer is very knowledgeable and always explains procedure very well. He is very respectful about his patient needs and concerns. He also makes follow up calls himself which i think is amazing.
Marta Harapa
13:26 16 Apr 21
I am so thankful for Dr. Singer and his whole team! I vetted over 7 dentists because I needed a lot of work and wanted an honest holistic office. I instantly felt comfortable after having an initial consultation. Over 5 months I traveled more than an hour to get my treatments. It was affordable, comfortable, and I was completely put at ease every time. I felt taken care of and the best part is I no longer have any pain!!! I'm actually looking forward to my 6 month follow up cleaning. Thank you Dr. Singer and everyone else in the office for excellent care. Lily, the hygienist is hilarious and makes sensitive cleanings a breeze and Laurie & Kelli just might be the warmest dental assistants you could ever meet. Really, a caring, comfortable environment.
Amanda Serrano
02:26 02 Apr 21
I have been looking for a holistic dentist for a LONG time, and my prayers were finally answered My first visit with Dr. Singer exceeded my expectations. He seemed genuinely interested with my concerns, made me feel safe and comfortable. His staff greeted me with love, were professional, but somehow found a way to keep me laughing. That was a first at a dentist's appointment. I normally dread going, but this time was different. It was a pleasant, exciting experience!
Angela Dawes
01:14 02 Apr 21
Great experience, explains everything in ways you can understand. Awesome staff.
Bazz Valencia
10:02 18 Mar 21
Dr. Singer is professionalknowledgeable and very personableHe takes time and explains exactly every step of a procedure. It makes for a comfortable dental experience. Dr Singer and Lily are assets to their professions My husband and son are also patients. We are treated as if we were family members The staff is welcoming and friendly. We appreciate all of you and our teeth do too. THANK YOU
Elise Cogorno
04:15 18 Mar 21

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