Is It Too Late to Fix Your Damaged Teeth?

We want to stress to our patients the importance of caring for your oral health. For many, life is always busy, and the years seem to fly by. Between work, family obligations, activities with children or grandchildren, and enjoying life, there never seems to be a dull moment or any down time. With all that is going on in your schedule, it can be easy to put off the appointments that don’t seem like an emergency, such as hygiene examinations. However, what happens when time continues to move on and those appointments are still put off? We know that we have patients that have put off coming to our office for years and now feel uncomfortable about scheduling an appointment. These same patients may also be experiencing oral discomfort or are dealing with a dental health problem and feel it is too late to fix their teeth. Does this sound like you?

Why Is It Important To Reschedule Missed Appointments?

New Jersey has been an interesting place to live over the past year. For many months, we have adjusted to a change in our way of life. Many of you are still working from home, children might be virtually learning or going to school in a hybrid model of learning, restaurants are still not open to capacity, and we rejoice when our local supermarket has paper towels or toilet paper in stock. During the height of the pandemic many of our patients cancelled their dental appointments. We want to encourage them to reschedule hygiene examinations or treatment procedures as soon as possible. Delaying and postponing an examination or needed treatment can greatly affect not only your oral health, but your overall health as well. It also isn’t great for your wallet as additional treatments lead to added costs. Continue reading to learn more about the harm in delaying dental treatments.