Full-Mouth Rehabilitation & Smile Makeover Gallery

HOPE found us online after more than 10 years of dental fear and avoidance. With the help of oral sedation, we were able to complete a beautiful full-mouth rehabilitation treatment.
LEILA received a full-mouth rehabilitation using porcelain crowns, veneers and implants.
PETER’s teeth were worn and fractured from bruxism. Veneers and crowns straightened his teeth, added length and brightened his smile to create an attractive, healthy-looking smile. We also provided Peter with a night guard to prevent further teeth grinding and relax his jaw joints and muscles.
ELLEN had amalgam fillings that resulted in decay, infection and broken teeth. We restored her teeth with porcelain onlays and crowns, and also gave her veneers to complete her smile makeover.
MARK received dental implants and porcelain crowns to resolve failing bridges and missing teeth so he could achieve an attractive smile.
ALISON was an anxious patient. With the help of oral sedation, however, she was able to receive root canals, gum treatment, crowns, fillings and veneers to rejuvenate and rehabilitate her smile in just three visits.
LYNN received implants, crowns and bridges to complete her full-mouth rehabilitation and now enjoys a beautiful, new smile.
SHARON received “smile lift” surgery, implants, crowns, veneers and bridges for an extreme dental makeover that helped her achieve a beautiful smile.
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Rita Raftery
The entire staff truly cares about their patients. Each and every one of them. Drs. Entrup and Odinsky are remarkably understanding, caring and very highly skilled. This practice is unbeatable!
Ann Piccirillo
Great experience! I was so sad to hear that Dr. Singer retired especially since he was my dentist for so many years. But Dr. Odinsky is so caring and gentle that I felt very well taken care of. And, as always, there’s the latest technology in dentistry used. I was in great hands with Dr. Odinsky!
Michael Tzoumas
Mercury-free! Thank you Dr. Odinsky.
Efraim Shachter
Went for a cleaning. Excellent experience. The perfect balance of friendly, professional, and thorough. Highly recommend.
Laurie Pereira
What a wonderful experience i had with Dr Odinsky and Lauire. Didnt even feel the needle just like Dr Singer!!!
Tim Scott
Dr Odinsky & the entire staff are always kind, friendly and welcoming, as well as, professional & competent in all they do.
Donna Gins
Lily is the best Hygenist! She is thorough and pleasant. Dr. Odinsky in new to the practice. He is knowledgeable and I am very comfortable with him. He is confident, caring and takes the time to explain everything. I know I am in good care at this dental practice.
Marie Costello
Awesome office! Only wish I found this dentist office sooner! Staff is so friendly and caring!

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