This Treatment Could Save Your Tooth!

One of my main goals as a dentist is to ensure you have a healthy mouth, and I do everything I can to help you keep your natural teeth. Our teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but when they are not cared for properly or treatment is avoided, it can lead to the discussion of extraction and tooth replacement options. Before a tooth extraction, there is one more treatment that can save your natural tooth — root canal therapy. This treatment gets a bad reputation, and we want to set the record straight on the truth about root canals. Read on to learn more.

Reasons To Never Ignore A Cracked Tooth

Dealing with a dental emergency is never a fun time, and it can be a bit confusing to determine what requires an immediate trip to our office. There are certain instances when you absolutely must schedule an office visit, such as when you or a loved one has a cracked tooth. It is important to have a cracked tooth looked at as soon as possible to avoid serious oral health complications.