Watch Out For These Symptoms

Do you find that you experience frequent issues with tooth sensitivity? Do you frequently wake with unexplained headaches? Or have you recently had a tooth suddenly crack? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from a common condition that many patients are unaware they are experiencing. Continue reading to learn more about this common condition and see if your symptoms can be explained.

What Could That Pain In Your Jaw Be Telling You?

Do you find that you wake up most mornings with unexplained headaches? Have you noticed an increase in jaw and facial tenderness? It is not uncommon to experience these discomforts on occasion, but when it becomes routine, is happening frequently, or you are experiencing both symptoms simultaneously, it is a warning sign that something may be amiss with your oral health. These signs all lead to a common underlying condition that many patients are not familiar with. Continue reading to learn more about this condition and the importance of treating it in a timely manner.

TMD And How To Help Jaw Discomfort

With what we have been going through over the past few months, it’s no wonder that everyone is under some form of stress, whether it be from homeschooling children, loss of a job, or even just the isolation of quarantine. If you have been suffering from discomfort in your jaw, severe headaches, or aching discomfort in your face, you may be feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety or you may be dealing with another condition known as TMD.

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

Do you find yourself grinding your teeth when you’re stressed or anxious? Have you noticed pain in your jaw or unnatural clicking sounds when you move it? Some of our patients don’t even realize this is an issue until we notice that their teeth have unnaturally been worn down. Coupled with symptoms such as jaw pain and headaches, it might mean you have a common problem that affects an estimated 10 million Americans. Read more to find out about this jaw disorder.