MIKE had worn down teeth due to grinding and clenching. We placed veneers to improve the appearance of his teeth and provided a night guard to protect his teeth from bruxism and prevent further wear and tear on his jaw joints, muscles and teeth.
VERED received all-ceramic crowns and laser gum treatment to achieve a youthful, healthy and natural-looking smile.
SUKI renewed her smile with all-ceramic crowns that replaced the patchwork of fillings and restorations from root canals.
STANLEY had his teeth whitened with our Zoom teeth whitening treatments and also received veneers to replace the previous bonding treatments to help him achieve his ideal smile.
MARY ANNE rejuvenated her smile with metal-free, porcelain crowns for an enhanced, natural appearance.
MARTHA enhanced her smile with an aesthetic makeover using all-porcelain crowns and veneers.
MARION had porcelain fused to metal crowns that were replaced with all-ceramic crowns for an overall healthier and more natural look.
KURT combined a crown with four veneers to close the gap in his smile, lengthen his teeth and correct a crossbite.
KAREN received eight porcelain veneers to enhance her smile.
JOE replaced his porcelain fused to metal crowns with all-ceramic crowns for an aesthetically pleasing and natural smile.
JASON enhanced his smile with the placement of eight new veneers, replacing two old veneers and improving spaced and short teeth.
DR. R is a dentist who wanted to improve his smile for his Dental School reunion. We provided porcelain veneers to help him achieve the aesthetic he desired.
DANA’S previous bonding treatment was stained and bulky. We placed veneers to restore her smile and give her back an impressive look.
DENNIS transformed his smile with a new crown and veneers, replacing an old crown and improving crooked and discolored teeth for a healthy, natural smile.
ANGIE achieved a natural look with veneers and the replacement of an older crown with a porcelain crown so that she can enjoy a beautiful, healthy and natural-looking smile.
ANNA rejuvenated her smile with gum recontouring and a combination of porcelain crowns and veneers.
BERNICE had many issues with her smile that included a high gum line, an unattractive crown and discolored fillings. We transformed her smile with laser gum surgery and porcelain veneers to give her a natural, beautiful and confident smile.
CLAIRE had her stained fillings and old mercury fillings replaced to achieve a beautiful, bright and stain-resistant smile!
ANA works with a cosmetic plastic surgeon and was concerned about finding a dentist who could give her a natural-looking and stunning smile. After seeing some of our before and after photos online, she felt confident calling us and moving ahead with her treatment to rejuvenate her smile.
patient testimonials


I felt so at ease as soon as walked in the office. The front office staff was so knowledgeable and friendly and answered all my questions in reference to my insurance and payment options. Everything from my x-rays to my overall dental health was explained in an articulate manner I did not feel overwhelmed with the information. Highly recommend!!
Carlos Sosa
After hearing three friends rave about Joel Singer, a lower right toothache got the ball rolling, and the X-rays quickly revealed the problem. 2 cavities after being a fanatic with my nightly routine! 2 crowns! Root canal on the wisdom tooth! He sent the X-ray to one endo who declined, and the second endo said he can do it. That doctor also gets excellent google reviews. A third tooth that I forget what's being done. A cleaning of course. A discount for paying in full upfront. The next day I met Lily who gave me the best cleaning I've ever had. She knows her stuff and is able to chat while working hard. A fun time talking movies while she did her thing so competently. Dr. Singer stopped in to give Lily a little synopsis of the work I'll have done. I believe in saving teeth and have never had an extraction. I'm delighted that he practices holistic dentistry. So far so [very very] good.UPDATED 2-8-22: Yesterday was a 2-hour visit for a cavity and temporary crown for my lower right wisdom tooth. Not easy for the patient or dentist being all the way in the back but he did great as evidenced by no pain after Novocain wore off last night and no discomfort on day 1 after the procedure. Very nice touch is that Dr. Joel Singer called me last night to see how I was doing. I go back tomorrow for I think the same thing on a tooth that's 2 or 3 away from the wisdom. It'll be a lot easier, and I have complete faith in Joel Singer, DMD.UPDATED 6-16-22: Yesterday I had a cleaning with Julie. Lilly was on vacation. She did an excellent job. Next cleaning appointment is Dec. 20. I'm very pleased.
Marge Teilhaber
Dr Singer and his crew are the BEST! State of the art office! They take so many safety protocols to make sure the office is a comfortable and safe environment!The care is top notch!!!Like many, I feared the dentist until I was referred to this office!! I can’t emphasize enough how gentle and caring this practice is!! Lucky to have found them!
Paula S
I just started going to Dr. Singer. He and his teams views on health, nutrition and lifestyle management are very much in line with my own. It's really hard to find solid Dentist who is also holistic. So far I really like the practice and am looking forward to working with them for years to come.
Nick Ebner
The initial appointment was great. Dr Singer and his staff were very helpful and friendly. The consultation was very matter of fact and laid out exactly what was going to be done. I left feeling that I am in the right hands and that this office can and will take care of my dental needs.
Margaret Rae
Best staff best service and best work ever!
leo nakashian
Dr Singer and his staff are highly professional,caring and makes dental phobic patients such as myself feel comfortable . The office is immaculate and welcoming and I no longer dread a visit to the dentist!
Carol Kasler
Meticulous. Painless. Thorough. Dr. Singer explains everything in real timeso there are no surprises. Staff is cheerful and more than competent.

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