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Gallery of Smiles

JASON — two old veneers, spaces and short teeth, are enhanced with the placement of eight new veneers, can’t wait to work on the bottom

MARION had old porcelain fused to metal crowns which show a dark line and discolored gum tissue, replacement with all ceramic crowns are beautiful, natural and healthy

DENNIS — an old crown worn, crooked and discolored teeth, enhanced with a crown and veneers for a healthy natural smile

JOE — porcelain fused to metal are opaque have dark metal showing at gum line, create discolored gum tissue, replacement with all ceramic crowns are beautiful and natural

MARY ANNE had old porcelain fused to metal crowns that were bulky, no longer fit properly and had an unnatural color. We rejuvenated her smile with metal free porcelain crowns with a natural, flattering appearance. She no longer hides her smile which now radiates beauty and confidence.

STANLEY had old bonding to correct the chip in his front tooth. Unfortunately bonding is a temporary solution and it had been replaced several times. Stanley had his teeth whitened with Zoom which brightened his teeth many shades lighter and his front teeth were veneered
to give him an ideal smile.

BERNICE had many issues with her smile. Her high gum line, unattractive front crown, and discolored worn fillings made her self conscious. With laser gum surgery and porcelain veneers we were able to give her a smile that fitted her outgoing personality; the result is a natural, beautiful smile that she can show off confidently.

Once a model, DANA's front teeth were once bonded, not only were they bulky they had become stained. By placing veneers on her top as well as her lower teeth we were able to restore this fifty years old's smile and give her back her glamourous look.

ANGIE wanted a natural look and did not want to stray too far from her natural smile. Veneers gave her the color and length she felt idealized her smile. ANGIE now realizes that the old upper porcelain fused to metal crown, from a previouse dentist, is now apparant and unattractive. We will be replacing it with an all porcelain crown; the end result will be a beautiful, healthy, natural looking smile.

Root canals and a patchwork of fillings weakened and discolored SUKI's front teeth. New all-ceramic crowns renewed her smile.

Grinding and clenching wore the length of MIKE's teeth. With veneers we were able to give him the length and shape that complimented his great smile. A night time bruxism appliance (a hard custom fitted mouth guard) was fabricated to prevent further wear and to protect the jaw joints and muscles.

These opaque bulky porcelain fused to metal crowns are a thing of the past. We updated the crowns that actually caused gum discoloration. With laser gum treatment and all ceramic crowns we were able to give VERED a youthful, healthy, natural looking smile.

MARTHA's old dentistry, darkened and worn teeth are rejuvenated with an aesthetic makeover using all porcelain crowns and veneers.

DR. R is a dentist who wanted a better smile for his Dental School reunion. We achieved a brighter, more youthful smile using porcelain veneers
on his upper teeth.

CLAIRE had many dark stained fillings on her front teeth and large, dark mercury fillings in the back. She now has a beautiful, bright,
stain-resistant smile!

ANA works with a cosmetic plastic surgeon. She observed the smiles of many of her patients and was concerned about finding a dentist who could give her a natural-looking, glamorous smile. After finding us online and seeing photos of other patients in our office she felt comfortable moving ahead with treatment. What a result!

ANNA - gum recontouring and combination of porcelain crowns and veneers

KAREN - eight porcelain veneers to rejuvenate this fifty-year-old's smile

KURT - combination of one crown with four veneers to correct crossbite, close gap, and lengthen teeth