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Extreme Dental Makeover/ Full Mouth Rehabilitation


After more than 10 years of fear and avoidance, HOPE found us online. With the help of oral sedation, it allowed us to accomplish this beautiful full mouth rehabilitation. Hope’s social confidence has improved greatly. Hope now sees us regularly to maintain her healthy, beautiful smile.

LEILA was a full mouth rehabilitation using porcelain crowns, veneers and implants. Old fillings and crowns were also updated.

PETER is in his mid forties, his teeth were worn and fractured from excessive grinding (bruxism) which resulted in making him look older. A combination of veneers and crowns not only protected his teeth but also straightened, added length and brightened his smile. The result is an attractive healthy looking smile, appropriate for his active health conscious lifestyle. A nightime appliance was fabricated to prevent further grinding and relax his jaw joints and muscles.

ELLEN has had many large amalgam fillings that resulted in recurrent decay, infections and broken teeth. We were able to restore her teeth with porcelain onlays and crowns. Veneers give her a more youthful appearance and accomplish the look and feel of straight teeth. The result is a healthy smile that looks and feels great.

Failing fixed bridges, missing teeth and infections would have led to full dentures. Dental implants and porcelain crowns gave MARK a permanent solution and a smile exceeding that of his youth.

Gum disease, decay and fear of the dentist caused this young woman to have major dental issues. An anxious patient that avoided the help that she needed for years ALISON benefit from oral sedation. We were able to perform root canals, gum treatment, crowns, fillings and veneers. Best of all ALISON barely remembers her visits. A beautiful smile was made possible
in three visits.

LYNN was missing many teeth and had many years of neglect.
Dental implants, crowns and bridges, and a full mouth rehabilitation
gave her a new smile!

SHARON has many missing and broken teeth as well as a gummy smile. "Smile Lift" surgery, implants, crowns, veneers and bridges gave her this extreme dental makeover!