The Best Tooth Replacement Option

Do you find it difficult to chew and enjoy the foods you love? Are you missing a tooth or multiple teeth and are interested in making a change to your smile? It can be difficult to make the investment in yourself to replace a missing tooth. We never want our patients to feel self-conscious or unhappy with their teeth and smile. We work with our patients to choose a tooth replacement option that is best for their budget and lifestyle. Our first recommendation is a treatment that will leave a beautiful, lasting smile for many years to come. Continue to learn more about this popular treatment.

Straighten Your Teeth with an Invisible Solution

We often hear from patients that they would love to take the leap and begin the process to straighten their teeth, but are hesitant due to a number of factors. Many of these patients are thinking of the traditional orthodontic option consisting of metal brackets, braces, and wires. Nothing thrills us more than to let them in on the secret of invisible braces. Although we can hardly call it a secret, as it has become widely popular due to one key word – invisible.

Why Is It Important To Reschedule Missed Appointments?

New Jersey has been an interesting place to live over the past year. For many months, we have adjusted to a change in our way of life. Many of you are still working from home, children might be virtually learning or going to school in a hybrid model of learning, restaurants are still not open to capacity, and we rejoice when our local supermarket has paper towels or toilet paper in stock. During the height of the pandemic many of our patients cancelled their dental appointments. We want to encourage them to reschedule hygiene examinations or treatment procedures as soon as possible. Delaying and postponing an examination or needed treatment can greatly affect not only your oral health, but your overall health as well. It also isn’t great for your wallet as additional treatments lead to added costs. Continue reading to learn more about the harm in delaying dental treatments.

Meet a Valued Team Member – Laurie

March is a special month because we take the time to celebrate a very special, key group of team members in our office – our Dental Assistants. While the official celebration of Dental Assistants Recognition Week is during the first week of the month, we feel that it is important to recognize our team all of the time. We wanted to take some time this month to help you learn a little more about one of our dedicated dental assistants, Laurie.

Your Holistic Dental Home in Fort Lee

At Singer Cosmetic & General Dentistry, the highest rated holistic dental practice in Fort Lee, NJ, our patients are like family. We take the time to get to know each one of our patients, focusing not just on their dental care needs, but also on their overall well-being. Dr. Joel Singer takes a comprehensive approach to oral health, prioritizing patient comfort. At our office, patients receive only the highest standard of care.

Gum Disease is Riskier than You May Think

Over the past year, we have had to change the way we think about our daily lives. Parts of our day that we took for granted, such as running to the store for a quick errand, are now a little more complicated with the added steps of mask wearing, standing 6 feet apart and sanitizing after leaving the store. However there is one part of your daily routine that should not have changed – your oral hygiene routine. We hope that through all of the life changes over the past year you have maintained brushing and flossing your teeth. We also hope that you have still been visiting our office for your routine hygiene examinations. You might think that we are concerned about the possibility of tooth decay, and you would be right. Except, there is another threat to your oral health that we are equally concerned about. This threat could possibly cause additional risk if you were to contract COVID-19. Continue reading to learn more.

Importance of Dental Technology

Dental treatment has come a long way over the years and is continuing to change at a rapid pace. Gone are the days of using technology that would fill the air and your body with radiation. At Joel Singer, DMD, we believe in taking a holistic approach to dentistry and use various state-of-the-art digital technology advancements to provide the best results for our patients. We have adapted practices that not only benefit the health of the patients, but also improve the quality of care they are receiving. There are numerous benefits to using technology in our office, such as detecting problems more easily, planning and performing procedures more efficiently, and customizing treatment to the needs of the patients. 

Options For Straightening Your Teeth

Are you self-conscious about your smile and long to make a change? Do you desire straight teeth, but feel like improving your smile at your age is impossible? We want to remind you that anything is possible, especially correcting your teeth at any stage of adulthood. Orthodontic treatment is not just for children and teenagers. In fact, one in four orthodontic patients is an adult. If you are self-conscious about your less than perfectly straight smile, it is not too late to get the smile you have dreamed of for years. Better yet, we have numerous options that can fit into any lifestyle, even if you have little time. Continue reading to learn more about the orthodontic treatments we offer.