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Advanced Technology

For optimal results, comfort, and safety, Dr. Singer provides advanced options that create an ideal outcome.

Oral Sedation - Relaxes you through procedures without needles to administer the drug. There is no memory of the procedure afterwards and recovery is quick. Learn more about our sedation dentistry options.

CEREC Technology — Always on the cutting edge of dentistry Dr. Singer offers his patients the opportunity to have crowns and onlays completed in one convenient visit using CEREC 3D technology. Ceramic/porcelain crowns and onlays are fabricated and inserted at the same visit eliminating the need for uncomfortable impressions, temporary restorations and follow up appointments.

DOCS — The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS) provides training in the use of oral sedation. With this advanced training Dr. Singer's office has safely provided sleep dentistry enabling anxious patients and those requiring extensive treatment to complete their necessary treatment in fewer, totally comfortable appointments. Dr. Singer has been a member of DOCS since 2000.

Digital X-Rays - Reduces radiation by up to 90 percent with a nearly immediate readout.

Mercury Disposal - Environmentally protective process for disposing of mercury fillings after removal.

IntraOral Viewing - Treatment rooms feature wall-mounted monitors for viewing enlarged images of specific areas of the mouth.

Water Purification - This system combines sterilization with distilled water to prevent water-borne bacteria and viruses.

Sterilization System - Sterilizes all instruments used in patient care. This intense heat process meets or exceeds OSHA and the Center For Disease Control guidelines.