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Mercury-Free Dentistry/Mercury Safe Removal

Mercury Free Dentistry Press Release7 Critical Facts You MUST Know About Mercury and Your Health, and Why Not Just Any Dentist Should Remove Your Old Silver/Mercury Fillings

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For over a decade, Dr. Singer has been supportive of the health and environmental concerns of his patients. While science and the dental profession continue the debate over the issue of mercury fillings, we understand those who request replacement of amalgams for personal peace of mind.

We also recommend replacement of dark fillings for esthetic benefits. Mercury fillings are visible in smiles or laughter, while tooth-colored fillings give a more appealing, healthy appearance. Additionally, the material of tooth-colored fillings has the ability to bond to the tooth. It is less brittle, wears like enamel, and expands and contracts less to reduce the risk for cracked, sensitive teeth.

We know that:

  • dental amalgam fillings consist of 50% mercury
  • mercury leaks from the fillings
  • mercury is highly toxic and
  • low grade chronic mercury intoxication can give rise to symptoms as; anxiety, irritability, fatigue, outbursts of temper, stress intolerance, decreased simultaneous capacity, loss of self-confidence, indecision, headache, depression, metallic taste etc...
We do not know:
  • if the amount of mercury released from dental amalgam is enough to cause illness, even in the most exposed or the most sensitive minority of the amalgam-bearing population.
Composite resin fillings contain no mercury. They are bonded to the tooth and therefore help prevent fractures of teeth. Amalgam (silver) fillings expand and contract differently than tooth structure, and crack and break the teeth they're in.

International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology — Using exclusively mercury-free, bio-compatible materials since 1993, Dr. Singer is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) and is a Fellow of the Institute for Natural Dentistry (FIND). He employs the safest methods for the removal of mercury fillings as per the IAOMT and the International Association of Mercury Free Dentists (IAMFD) strict standards.